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Ft. Pierce, Florida -  772.579.7214

Email:  sales@ankonaboats.com

Ankona Boats - Fort Pierce, Florida -   Ph 772.579.7214

Email:  sales@ankonaboats.com

First off, thanks for your interest in our skiffs and visiting our website.

We all know there are some great shallow water skiffs on the market today, almost all with a hefty price tag. Some cost more, some less but they all claim to be the best. We know that all boats are compromises and there is no perfect skiff.

Our concept at Ankona is simple. Build a great skiff at a great value. Compete on performance, fit and finish with the 'big boys'. All at a fraction of the price.

How? Well, streamlined engineering, streamlined production, low overhead expense and not a lot of advertising. We just let our skiffs do the talking. Slick videos, guide "programs", paid celebrity anglers add to the cost of a skiff just like a gallon of resin or a yard of bi-axial fiberglass. Which do you want to buy?

We're never going to be a corporate boat-building machine, all by design. Select us and you'll join a select small family of shallow water skiff owners that appreciate real world performance.

Welcome to Ankona!

Dead Quiet Hull Designs

All Composite, No Wood, No Rot

World Class Poling Performance

Best $$ Value In The Skiff Market



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