Designing and Ordering Your Custom-Built Skiff

All Ankonas are built to order and sold factory-direct so you get exactly the skiff you want at the lowest possible price. Here's a preview of the process.

Choosing and Spec'ing Your Boat

The first step in buying your Ankona is deciding which model best fits your needs. If you have questions, we'd love to answer them. We can discuss your needs by phone, or, better yet, make an appointment to visit us at our shop.

Once you settle on a model, we'll start the process of spec'ing your skiff. That involves choosing options, color, power, electronics, trailer, and more. Our complete pricing sheet lists options and costs, but again, we're happy to help, on the phone, by email, or in person.

Once your boat is designed, we'll provide you with a preliminary quote and completion date. At that point, a minimal deposit is due to reserve your spot in the production schedule.

The Build Process

About two weeks before we start building your skiff, we'll give you a call to confirm and finalize your options. A second deposit is due before we begin the build, with the amount depending on options, engine and trailer as applicable.

The length of the build process varies, but four weeks is fairly typical. You're welcome to visit at any time during the build process, but we do ask that you make an appointment, just so we can be available to talk.

The balance of the cost of your skiff is due when you pick it up from the shop.

Time Considerations

Although we do take some pride in the fact that there's often a waiting list for our skiffs, we nonetheless do our best to minimize it. We've hired additional staff to increase our production capabilities, and in August 2015 we sent 17 boats home with happy new owners.

Wait times vary by season and model, with spring and summer the busiest. Occasionally, wait times may be as long as three to six months. They can also change quickly, though, and we'll happily let you know if the wait for a particular model gets shorter.

Please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call with any questions.