Designed from day one as tunnel hulls — rather than adapted as tunnels from an existing design — the ShadowCast 16 and 18 run shallow right right out of the box without the need for jackplates or other modifications. With their pronounced "V" entries, they also offer a surprisingly smooth ride in chop, and — most importantly — world-class poling performance.

ShadowCast 16

A quintessential micro-skiff, the 300-lb. ShadowCast 16 puts the emphasis on light weight, simplicity, and fishability. It floats in almost nothing and runs in less. It's not only very affordable to buy, but also very affordable to own and operate. With a 9.8 hp outboard, the 16 will top 21 mph and run all weekend on 5 gallons of fuel. Power options up to 20 hp are available for more spirited performance. The 16 is also popular as a tender.

ShadowCast 18

The extra two feet of the ShadowCast 18 allow integration of a more aggressive tunnel into the hull, positioning the propeller shaft just above the hull bottom for very shallow running. Only 50 lbs. heavier than the 16 but two feet longer and three inches wider, the 18 poles and runs every bit as shallow but offers greater carrying capacity and the ability to "span" larger chop for a smoother ride home on breezy afternoons. With a 30 hp, the 18 tops out around 29 mph.

Specs and Pricing

Hull-only price:  $5,460 / $7,340

Sample water-ready prices: $8,560 (16' with 9.8 hp Tohatsu tiller and galvanized trailer) / $16,225 (18' with console, poling platform, stern hatch, aluminum fuel cell, 30 hp Tohatsu, and custom aluminum trailer)

Length: 16’0" / 17’11"

Beam: 55” / 58”

Hull weight: 300 / 350 lbs.

Max hp: 20 / 30

Capacity: 3 persons / 425 lbs. (both)

Console options: Tiller, center, or side


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