The evolution in mid-micro technical poling skiffs

The Advent is a mid-micro skiff that has evolved from years of experience on the water blended with leading edge materials and manufacturing.

Hull Design

The Advent has been engineered with state of the art design elements like the variable radius transom to enhance its stellar shallow water performance. Making the Advent one of the quietest, and easiest skiffs to pole. We classify the Advent as a mid-micro skiff with a larger beam at 68" than traditionally labeled micro skiffs, the slight increase is a huge advantage with increased stability and rough water performance. Using a combination of carbon, kevlar and vinylester resin standard in the hull makes the Advent a lightweight, rigorous model that can handle a true 6" draft with two anglers and gear.

Designed for 30 to 50 hp outboards, the 400 lb. hull incorporates sharp spray rails, inset tabs and planing stern pad for more dead rise than that of a traditional technical poling skiffs for a more comfortable ride in a chop. A large front casting deck with a molded front deck hatch includes ample dry storage in the bow, along with a large 6’ back deck that includes two small 10 gallon wells that can be used for a crustacean livewell, cooler, or additional dry storage. And the angled design feature of the back deck hatches can be accessed easily in or out of the boat loading up at home or at the dock.

Rigged with a center console 40 hp, the Advent’s top speed is about 34 mph.



Specs and Pricing

Length: 16’10"

Beam: 68"

Hull weight: 400 lbs.

Max hp: 40 tiller / 50 remote

Capacity: 3 persons / 425 lbs.

Console options: Tiller, center, offset, side

Hull-only price: $11,800

Sample water-ready price: $23,110 (Center console, poling platform, aluminum fuel cell, electrical package, livewell, 50 hp Tohatsu, custom aluminum trailer)

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